Backbone Productions,LLC

Jeffery L Barrett, Owner
119 Timberland Drive
Canton,Georgia 30114

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Backbone Productions, LLC
"You make it rock! We make it roll!."

At Backbone Productions, we are a professional stage hand company.  We provide
highly specialized services by supplying prepared and qualified personnel, to entertainment and special events markets, to include; production companies, event venues, promoters, event planners, and others who require our services.

We believe that stagecraft is an art, a vocation, and a trade.  We 
practice it with pride, knowledge, attention to detail, and an understanding of the 
history of our art.     

Therefore, we take it upon ourselves, individually and collectively, to strive
for and achieve the highest levels of professionalism in all our endeavors; to expect and encourage the highest levels of performance and
integrity from our peers and co-workers; to provide a quality job and a fair day's work
for our customers; to futher the good of our craft and ensure the longevity of our
livelihood by striving to do our best, be our best, and perform at our best
at all times.

While earning a living for our families and ourselves, we enthusiastically pass
on the traditions and customs of those before us to the next generation of craftsman.
As tradesmen, we continually strive to better our skills and techniques, and to pass
those on, enabling our successors to profit and thrive as we do.

We understand that "the show" is the reason that we have a career and that
"the show" must go on, "the show" will go on, and that our place in that truth is that we are the best at what we do; that we
are a team and a brotherhood of the best. We futher believe that we are responsible
for our actions and our performance and we control our own fate. Ultimately,
we believe that as we gain opportunities, we will meet only with

Therefore, we pledge the following and understand
that this is our
standard.  THIS IS WHAT WILL BE EXPECTED OF US - individually and collectively,
and what we can expect from each other as we strive for and attain success together.

1.We will be on time and ready to work at the appointed call time.
2.We will own and carry the tools of our trade.
3.We will wear the appropriate uniform of our profession and always look like a
4.We will learn and use new skills whenever possible.
5.We will take every opportunity to pass on our skills to those with less experience.
6.We will encourage the highest level of performance from our peers.
7.We will conduct ourselves as professionals at all times while on and off the show site.
8.We will provide quality workmanship and a fair day's work to our customers.
9.We will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that"the show" goes on.
10.We will be sensitive to the needs of each other and the client.
Backbone Productions,LLC
119 Timberland Drive 
Backbone Production crew on the deck of Carnival's Celebration waiting to load in Lynyrd Skynyrd. 
Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans La. Backbone showed up and showed out. With Jefferey Lawrence Barrett, Hal Fingerhood, Darren White, Chris Fuller, and Mike Wilson.
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